Anna Pavlova
Vibrant Gusli

Anna Pavlova Born in 1978 in the town of Kingisepp in Leningrad Region. Graduated from domra class of teacher S.M.Piskaryova in Children's Music School in Kingisepp (1994); music school in Pskov from domra and vibrant gusli classes of teacher V.V.Krichevskiy (1998). In 2003 graduated from St. Petersburg State university of culture and arts from Vibrant gusli class of teacher I. N. Ershova. Prize-winner of International contest (Pskov, 2001), VI Andreev's AllRussian Folk instrument players contest (Tver, 2001), "Muses of St. Petersburg" grant-receiver (2001). Since 2001 is a member of State Russian concert orchestra of St. Petersburg. Performs solo as well as as a member of ensembles and orchestras in St. petersburg and other cities of Russia.