Russian notebook 2009
This CD is result of joint creative work of "Art-Contrast" and International competitions prize-winner Olesya Petrova (mezzo-soprano). Recorded on stage of Small hall of St-Petersburg Academic Philharmonia, by "CleaRRecords" sound recordings company, using the True Sound Recording (TSR) system.

CD contents:


In Antique Style, 2004
The first УtopicalФ CD of the ensemble. It includes 3 suites Уin the old styleФ. It was interesting to combine romanticism of Grieg, neoclassicism of Stravinsky and impressionism of Ravel with the idea of old music УimitationФ.

CD contents (mp3 44.1kHz 128 kbps, stereo):


Fairy-tale about tzar Saltan, 2005
CD presents a Suite from УFairy-tale about tzat SaltanФ ballet to the music of Russian composers. ItТs a joint project of УArt-ContrastФ ensemble and Russian Fairytale Ballet Productions.

CD contents (mp3 44.1kHz 128 kbps, Stereo):


Art-Contrast, 2003

First CD of the ensemble, recording was made in 2002-2003. Includes the best pieces performed at that time.

CD contents (mp3 22.05 kHz, 64 kbps, stereo):


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