"Fairy-tale about tzar Saltan"

Ballet "Bewitched swan" (to the fairy-tale by Pushkin "Fairy-tale about tzar Saltan") - is a collaborative project of the ensemble with Russian Fairytale Ballet Productions. The music of the piece is a sort of collage of the compositions by Russian classics (N. Rimskiy-Korsakov, P. Chaykovskiy, M. Musorgskiy). It was chosen together with the musicians and the version was made by the ensemble. The main parts are performed by the soloists of the Bavarian ballet Elena Pankova and Kirill Melnikov, the choreographer of the performance is Dmitriy Katunin. The first night shoes took place in December 3rd to 17th 2003 in "Deutsches theater" (Munich, Germany). You can learn more information on the web site Russian Fairytale Ballet Productions.

Videoclips of the Ballet
(wmv, 916 kb)