Balalaikas, domras, button accordion - are Russian national instruments, this is what sets Art-Contrast aside from any other chamber music group. Each instrument occupies a certain position in the group.

Three domras - soprano, alto, bass (it should be noted that domra-bass is rarely used) - its the timbre foundation. They harmonize excellently with each other and create homogenous sounding of string group. Balalaika-prima is the upper melodious instrument, but due to its unique sound- generation nature (by finger) it is different in timbre. Button accordion is universal. Its windy nature of sound-generation is excellently used not only in solo fragments, but also, and this is very important, acts as linking matter between string instruments. The base of the ensemble is the balalaika contrabass, the sound of which is deep and full. The relations between ranges of all instruments compose a complete tessitura sounding of the orchestra.

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