Domra басоваяDomra-bass is one of the biggest in the domra family. Its scale is similar to that of alto and soprano, its a scale of fourths - Е A D. But its timbre can be compared to deep male voice. It gives excellent sounding to "Elegy" by Massne, which became famous due to Shalyapin's voice and virtuous composition "The Flight of Bumblebee" by N. Rimsky-Korsakov. Its strings specificity requires leather plectrum. This enables to reach soft and clear sounding, which is exceptionally important for performing cantilena. In combination with balalaika-contrabass the domra-bass creates a powerful sound base. It makes the ensemble sound as a chamber orchestra, and never restrains the repertoire.

Domra-bass holds a very special place in our ensemble. Due to it the domra group sounds in full scale, there is a possibility to hear a trio of similar instruments. We like its sounding so much that have arranged "The London trio" by Haydn for domra trio.

It should be noted that hardly any performer can take domra-bass in his hands, since this instruments requires from him to have respective dimensions.