Domra альтоваяDomra alto

Outwardly this instrument reminds domra-soprano, but is somewhat larger in size. Similarly it has the scale of fourths - Е A D, but it sounds one octave lower. The strings are thicker, and the sound is softer, deeper and mellow. Domra-alto timbre can be divided into three parts: upper, middle and lower. In the upper register the instruments sounds brightly and amber-like, which makes it close to domra-soprano. And in the lower register the instrument is closer to bass, it's sound is deep and rich. But it is the middle register that makes domra-alto sound inimitably. It can be compared with deep feminine voice, having the same warm and mellow shade.

Domra alto is the life and soul of ensemble. Its timbre matches perfectly with any instrument, therefore it is permanently used. Melodious themes sound exclusively expressive, striking the audience by their heartfulness and deepness.