Art-Contrast "ART-Contrast" -- new sounding in the world of chamber music

Nowadays, at the beginning of the XXI century we all got used to the fact that art of the past century was particularly satiated with various artistic experiments. Audience accepts with no surprise a cellist playing with two bows and a pianist using piano as percussion. And when one says that new sounding appeared in the world of chamber music, it causes obligate alertness. What shall we hear? The rustle of plastic bags, or the voice of some exotic bird? No, today familiar to all of us music by Tschaykovskiy, Grig, Stravinskiy is on. Familiar, but unexpectedly performed on balalaykas, domras, bayan. Performed by the ensemble named "Art-Contrast".

When young professional musicians, graduates of Saint-Petersburg Conservatoire, decided to combine their efforts to create an ensemble, they suggested following direction of their activity: "We would like to match our instruments no so much to folklore tradition, but to classical musical heritage - music by Haydn, Lyadov, Shchedrin, then it might become possible to open up new sides in well-known music in a new way, sometimes in a very unexpected way. And our education and our instruments will allow us to perform this on a professional level. The main point is not to let the music we perform sound like a parody, Prokofiev has to be recognized in Prokofiev and Handel in Handel".

Invariable warm welcome of the audience (Art-Contrast perfomed in Russia, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Ireland, Japan), enthusiastic reference of the media, the medals of the 5th Osaka International Chamber Music Competition and the First Prize of the 3rd International Rachmaninov Chamber Music Competition prove the fact that the idea was quite good.And the fact that modern composers are ready to write new music for the ensemble sheds confidence that there will be enough ground for creative pursuance for many years.

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